Who am i ?

Hi! My name is Wietse. I am an artist and designer extraordinaire, ready to take over the world. Throughout my life I have always been driven and motivated to create. Whether it is art, design or a wooden model of a Lord of the Rings sword. My inspiration comes from pop culture and the bizarreness of human nature. Placing our culture into perspective and reflecting on our weirdness is what I enjoy most.

In all of my work I try to narrate a little story within, to humanize what is happening. So we can relate to it, with humor, compassion or just some silliness.

My multidisciplinary approach spans across graphic design, illustration, 3D modeling and game design. With a particular focus on worldbuilding. I like to create more than just an image.

What i do ?

I am always interested in freelance opportunities. Get in touch if you need:
- Character design
- Background / world design
- 2D animation
- Layout for a print or digital publication
- High quality full page illustrations (splashscreens, cover art etc)
- Graphic design for book covers, posters or advertisements
- A logo or title set for a creative project
- Front-end visual design for web or other media
- Design and creation of 3D models for small-run prototyping and manufacturing

Additionally, I provide the following consulting services:

I work closely together with a programmer for advanced web and application development
Flushing out worlds, backstories and characters.

My skillset includes: illustration and graphic design for both print and digital formats Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects, PremierePro 3D digital modeling (Maya), game design, prototyping and testing.

What about you ?

I love to work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and other creators. Basically people that are full of idea’s and an enormous drive and passion to pursue them. Because i am a creator and entrepreneur myself i can help finalizing concepts and present them in a way you had envisioned and beyond. Whether you are starting on your first project or reinventing your company or product's identity i am ready to help you realize it.


Upon them signing a contract with me (yes a contract is required with any artist.) I pay 1/4 of the total price agreed upon.
Upon finished sketch / design, another 1/4.
Upon finished art sent to me, the final 1/2.
You might even considering a 10% bonus if the work is done a couple of weeks before your deadline.